Vogue’s New Rule: No Underage or Anorexic Models. Is it too Late?



Vogue’s underage, anorexic model ban will (hopefully) promote a healthy body image for models throughout the fashion industry. Photo Credit: Reuters

For several years anorexic models have been displayed in media, more likely in Vogue as a culture’s representation of beauty. However, yesterday Vogue announced that from now on, they are going to display healthy models that are above sixteen and without any eating disorders.

Vogue believes that good health is beautiful,” Jonathan Newhouse, authority of Condé Nast International, said in a matter around a BBC. “Vogue editors around a universe wish a magazines to simulate their joining to a health of a models who seem on a pages and a wellbeing of their readers”

All Vogue editor around the world have agreed that they will no longer employ under 16 model who appear to have an eating disorder, and promised that they will make sure to check IDs before modeling sessions and encourage healthy backstage working conditions.

“Vogue believes that good health is beautiful. Vogue Editors around the world want the magazines to reflect their commitment to the health of the models who appear on the pages and the well-being of their readers,” said Conde Nast International Chairman Jonathan Newhouse in a statement. Photo Credit: Reuters

Fashion designers, temporarily, will be encouraged though not pleased to consider the costs of unrealistically small sample (dress) sizes, which encourages the use of really thin models.

Some may think it’s a little too late for Vogue to realize that it is no longer healthy to use anorexic models on their covers. However, I think, now, with Vogue’s ban on underage, anorexic models on their cover pages, real change is probable. That’s one small step for Vogue, one giant leap for the whole fashion industry.


Louis Vuitton Basket Bag spring/summer 2012 must-have


Louis Vuitton, as usual, never fails to astonish us with their fabulous bags each season. Their show starts at the very end of Parish Fashion Week, the last city of the season, and its arrival calls handbag lovers for a whole month . Model after model strode the runway  in PFW with trend-appropriate pastel satchels on their arms, many in wallet-draining crocodile.

 Throughout spring/summer 2012, Marc Jacobs rejoices softness and lightness through pleasant and stunning silhouette. The leather wears collection represents this poetical tone through iconic shapes and sophisticated details.

 “For SS 2012 Louis Vuitton collection, we decided we wanted to do something very pretty, and very gentle, and very loving, and just fill it with pretty colors and beautiful light, luminous textures, things that were translucent and transparent” said Marc Jacobs, Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton

 It’s in the deviation on the theme of transparency, and in keeping up with the cute spirit of the season that Marc Jacobs have found the inspiration to create a hand bag that looks like a “Basket”. It is the definition of a luxurious shopping bag in metallic patent calfskin, which creates a three-dimensional effect. A unique puncture technique has been applied to the collection of LV.

 In case the owner of the handbag want to hide anything, each basket have a removable drawstring pocket in tonal jacquard fiber with the Monogram pattern, and since the pocket can be removed, the inner side of the bag needs to be as pretty as the outer side, which involves high workmanship.

 The basket bag is available in the sorbet shades of glossy pink, silky nougat and luminous mint, the Basket bags are available two sizes: regular and mini. The mini is about $2600 and the regular basket is $3150.

The G’s battle: Gucci Sues Guess for Copyright Infringement




Three years ago, Gucci had sued Guess for copying their brand designs and their famous G logo. The case finally made it to federal court in New York on the 4th of April, 2012. Gucci wants $221 million, in damages.


 “This case is not about following fashion trends,” said Gucci’s lawyer Louis Ederer. “It’s about a massive, complicated scheme to knock off Gucci’s best-known and iconic designs.”


 Gucci also insists that Guess should pay them back for any profit made from the designes that they’ve copied, mentioning on red and green striped shoe particularly made by Guess to make consumers think that the shoe was Gucci’s. Guess denied that it has copied the house’s trademark,  claiming that it was “staying true to its original unique image”.


 Daniel Petrocelli of O’Melveny & Myers, said “Guess is not Gucci, It has no reason to be like Gucci and it did not scheme to be like Gucci.”


 The trial could go on for up to three weeks.


Although Guess’s efforts to prove that Guess has been copying and taking their customers away. It is uncertain that consumers would ever mix up the two brands. Those who can obviously afford Gucci would never be satisfied or deceived buying a Guess product, while consumer who usually shop within the Guess price range, it’s possibly the closest thing they can get to Gucci’s popular G. 


Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective at the Denver Art Museum


Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective holds an international applauded exhibition at the Denver Art Museum, with the support from Neiman Marcus, March 25 – July 8, 2012. This wide retrospective, of 40 years of creativity inventiveness features a gorgeous selection of 200 haute couture pieces along with many photographs, drawings, and films that demonstrate the development of YSL’s style and impact on fashion.

The outfits were chosen from an archive of 5,000 complete outfits preserved by the Foundation Pierre Berge-Yves Saint Laurent, the strength behind the exhibit, and occupy 13,000 square feet on the second floor of Denver Art Museum, itself an architectural landmark.

the exhibition generates a great environment for visitors to see the actual development of YSL’s style and the historical foundations of his work. Structured thematically, the complex arrangement melds design and art to explore the full outcomes of his career, from his first days at Dior in 1958 through the magnificence of his final runway collection in 2002.

Yves Saint Laurent, Tuxedo with short skirt, haute couture collection, Spring-Summer 1982.

Yves Saint Laurent, Tuxedo with short skirt, haute couture collection, Spring-Summer 1982.

During his 40 years of designing, YSL altered the ladies wardrobe by borrowing the tuxedo, the rouser suit, shorts and safari jackets from men’s clothing, transmitting these symbols of power from on gender to the other and turning traditional men’s clothing into haute couture authorized females with a new form of clothing. 

“This exhibition demonstrates the impact of Saint Laurent’s work on the history of fashion and the present-day relevance of his style,” said Chief Curator of YSL Florence Müller. “His creations achieved an ingenious symbiotic relationship between setting style and recognizing popular trends that made them not only wardrobe necessities, but also reflected women’s changing role in society.”



Next week, internationally recognized fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger cooperates with American Idol show as an image advisor for the show’s finalists. Starting Thursday March 15 on FOX, Hilfiger will guide the participants to define their performance distinctiveness and help direct their style alteration as they fight for their chance of winning in American Idol.

For more than 25 years, Tommy Hilfger has brought amazing trends into the fashion world. His lines was always defined as classic, cool, and unique. His sharp taste has offered the establishment for the growth of a global brand known by millions of people around the world. From the beginning of his career life, Hilfiger has been highly inspired by music. He started his own business, People’s Place, when he was 18 years old. He was selling denim jeans and styling his own brother’s band for local performance. As Hilfiger’s designs combined with popular culture, the company’s distinctive brand message has continued to celebrate the long connection between the brand itself and the music world. Under his namesake label, he worked with various great music legends like Rolling Stones, Lenny Kravitz, David Bowie, Britney Spears, Beyonce and Taylor Swift.

“I thought it would be exciting and challenging and different, a place where I could use all of my experience in fashion and music,” said Hilfiger. “It does give the show a different slant because none of the others have the fashion angle. If you look at what makes a star, it’s not only musical talent, it’s the complete package. And that includes image. If you look at great superstars from Michael Jackson to Madonna, and Lady Gaga and Katy Perry today, they each have a unique style and that adds to their persona. It’s the icing on the cake.”

The line will comprise great pieces such as stripped skinny jeans, graphic T-shirts and Op-Art hot pants, all with an American rock n roll style, and will be available at Kohl’s stores all over America and online from June.

Hilfiger will work will each participant in American Idol aiming to enhance their own style and develop their current look to the better, rather than entirely refit them, and he is prepared for a slight struggle.





Tommy Hilfiger is Set to Join the Team of American Idol as the Image Advisor

Leather Forever: Hermes Exhibition in London



A unique Leather Forever Hermes exhibition will take place in London during spring 2012, celebrating Hermès 175th anniversary. Leather Forever” will be on view from May 8th to May 27th. The exhibition will host to some of the brand’s artisans who will generate the iconic bags in front of visitors.

The aim of the exhibition is to discover the captivation with generating luxury objects from leather, and will also bring the fabulous brand’s journey from 19th century burden and join maker to honor 21st century handbag organization.


A vintage Hermès Constance bag.

The exhibition will be in the Royal Academy of Art’s sister space, 6 Burlington Gardens. It is a great chance for Hermès fans to be updated and close with some of the most amazing bags in the world. So with numerous different craftspeople from the workshops in Paris on position at the Leather Forever Hermès exhibition, you will be able to see exclusively how skilled they are in creating their sophisticated designs.

The exhibition will also include pieces that were ordered as gifts by Duke of Windsor from Wallis Simpson. Moreover, those exhibition attendees will have the choice to place their offers for one or all of four unique bags designed by Hermès to celebrate the exhibition, representing England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales to be auctioned off with earnings going toward the London Academy of Arts

The entry to the exhibition will be free.






Marni for H&M – Spring 2012


After the huge success followed by the H&M’s collaboration with well-known fashion brands like Comme des Garçons, Lanvin, Jimmy Choo and most recently Versace, H&M will be having a limited edition collection designed by Marni creative director Consuelo Castiglioni. The collection will be available on the 8th of March 2012 online and in 260 stores around the world.

 “I wanted to create a true Marni wardrobe by revisiting all of our favorite pieces in signature fabrics and prints,” founder and creative director Consuelo Castiglioni said in a statement. “As always, I love juxtaposing prints and colors, mixing modern tribal with Bauhaus graphic and adding sporty utilitarian elements.”

A model wears Marni for H&M

A model wears Marni for H&M

The collection will include men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. The women’s line will be African-inspired that will basically include prints in well-built colors created to be worn together in layers that will be matching and clashing. The collection will offer full pleated skirts, dresses, pants and knits in silk and cotton, along with matching accessories, shoes, bags and scarves. Meanwhile, the menswear line will provide more delight prints used in the lining of suits or as a contrast detail for shirts.

These collaborations are a smart marketing tactic that will defiantly advance H&M’s stores. Moreover, it will bring awareness of the Marni brand into a new customer range and also a great way to advertise their latest spring collection.